How to start up a home business selling eco-friendly products


Starting up a home business is not difficult if you have personal drive and support from those around you.  I have just started on this opportunity and I’m very hopeful of being successful so that I can retire completely in my early to mid 50s – which is looming quite soon. I am semi-retired already having given up my career working for the government for 16 years and have a small pension.  This opportunity may well suit you as well, so please read on ……..

How did I start?

I was made redundant just weeks before Christmas 2010 from a part-time job that was helping to make ends meet. As a single mum of 3 children, 2 of them teenagers, this panicked me to start off with.  While searching for Christmas work or working from home opportunities, I came across an advert to become a distributor for eco-friendly products. This appealed to me as I have always tried to recycle as much as I could etc. but I was nearly put off by the person who answered when I made that first call.   She said she didn’t know anything about the business but that her husband would phone me when he got home.  I wasn’t sure if I would get that phone call but I did and having been sent some information to view on the web about the organisation I was quite impressed and thought it was worth looking in to some more. I am not a person who is easily impressed with the promise of getting rich quick schemes but reckon I can see a genuine opportunity when I happen across it! (There were other opportunities promising me immediate work and an income but they came with a monthly subscription which I wasn’t prepared to commitment myself too. Plus there wasn’t any face to face contact with someone with experience from the business.)

So I met Brian, in a local pub, and armed with my list of questions, quizzed him about how and why he’d got into the business etc. Half a pint later and a quick dash to watch my son play rugby, all that remained was for me to make my mind up. Was this for me and would it provide me with the income I was looking for?

All this happened within a week – by the weekend I’d begun to think it wasn’t for me but over a few gin and tonics by Sunday afternoon I was in. I had a goal – to sign up, make my first order and have a stall at my son’s Christmas fair by the following Saturday. I went through the catalogue identifying items I thought parents would be interested in, got permission from the school to have the stall, and waited for the first order to arrive. It hadn’t come by the Thursday but I kept my nerve and it got to me at 3pm on the Friday. I had already made labels for the products and posters ready for the stall and found out as much as I could about the products. With the joining fee of only £48 and my first order, I needed to invest just under £200 for immediate start-up.

The stall was only for 2 hours and I sold £48 worth of goods and gave out a number of my website details and generally used the time researching what people were interested in and what they wanted to know about the products. I didn’t need to use hard selling in any way as I had a good number of people coming up to see what was on offer and being very positive about the items. I was encouraged from this first experience and Brian phoned me to see how I’d got on. 

Earlier in that first week, I had approached 3 Beauty Salons in my town to see if they were interested in taking up an’ Own Brand’ opportunity to have their name on a select number of well-being and beauty products including essential oils, bath soaks, luxury shampoos and hand-washes for a very low start-up cost of £39. I got an interview for the following week with one salon and the offer to come back with samples for another and a definite no from the third one! Still, again an encouraging outcome. I continued doing research on the web about the salons so I could make the best pitch possible to them, and also looked for more establishments to contact and did the daily 20 minute on-line training provided by the company. Now I was immersed.

How had I got started?

  • Found out about the opportunity
  • Researched it – going through the information on the website, talking face to face with someone in the business
  • Set myself an immediate goal – setting up a stall
  • Made an investment in myself of under £200 – which gave me my distributor ID, a website with all the product details on and much, much, more and a whole lot of eco-friendly products to trail myself, sell, and use as samples for ‘Own Brand’ prospect meetings.
  • Involved my family with my children helping to prepare the stall, and talked it over with my mum.

So where has it led to now, just 3 weeks on? 

A lot has happened, please come back and read more about it in my next blog as I have to go now and do some family activities. Take care and go ‘green’ like me!


27 December 2010