How Does Your Toilet Flush? Wendygoesgreen guide to saving money by getting to know your toilet!

Česky: Záchodová mísa English: Toilet bowl
How does your toilet flush!
Knowing how your toilet flushes can improve how to clean it and can save you money.


Are you flushing money down the drain by using the wrong product for cleaning your toilet?


Are you a leave & go toilet cleaner who puts a hanging block inside the rim? Does it actually reach all parts of the toilet bowl?


I suggest you become a watch & know toilet cleaner as this can save you money and get a better result.


Step 1. When the toilet is clean, flush it and observe how the water flows around the bowl. Does it reach all parts of the bowl. Does it go under the rim?


Step 2. Think about how you presently clean your toilet. If you are a leave & go type toilet cleaner you may be building up problems for yourself. How can loo blocks put in the water tank effectively clean the bowl if the flush doesn’t reach all the areas that need cleaning. This can be a waste of money and a false sense of security or cleanliness.


Step 3. Having become a watch & know type toilet cleaner, you can make a more informed decision about how to clean your toilet cost effectively. However, there is probably only one way to have a clean toilet throughout the day. Clean it every time it needs it!


Step 4. Become a shake & clean type toilet cleaner. A new method of cleaning your toilet is using sodium bicarbonate and citric acid crystals. Together they react with water creating a fizz that lifts off any unwanted particles in and around the bowl and rim. Sodium bicarbonate is a gentle scourer but has antibacterial and antifungal properties while also deodorising the bowl. Citric acid works to remove limescale. Together they both soften water and the resultant solution is a balanced water pH level which is safe in our water systems.  Both natural products are eco-friendly and will degrade within days. Simply sprinkled both on a damp toilet bowl and then give the bowl, pipe anf rim a good rub around with a toilet brush. After using the brush sprinkle the shake & clean products on it aswell and leave them on until it is next used. This will make sure that the brush is clean and deodorised as well. The result is a sparkling toilet bowl everytime. Keep a set of shake & clean next to the toilet. Available in shaker bottles from


Step 5. Train everyone in your household to clean the toilet the shake & clean way. You will be encouraging them to be responsible for their personal hygiene and reducing the time you spend on household cleaning chores!


Step 6. Use shake & clean products (sodium bicarbonate & citric acid) to clean your shower tray, bath, kitchen sinks and keeping drains clear and fresh. This will also save you money and space as you need less cleaning products. Finally, you are not using any harmful products that need treatment when in our water system so you are improving the local eco footprint.


Remember…..  don’t flush money away think about changing your toilet cleaning habits!



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I am MD of an expanding green cleaning company - wendygoesgreen. I have researched, trialled and developed a cleaning product range based on reviving natural and traditional ingredients and have been successfully using them for my business for over threes years. I have two trade marks: Spray & Shine® and Shake & Shine® for my cleaning services. I am an Educator and trainer by profession having taught in schools before joining the RAF for 16 years. I love having my own Company and know it will be a success. Follow my story & progress!

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