Wendygoesgreen – Cleaning in the Bag

We really have got ‘Cleaning in the Bag’ with our new products:

3 Shaker Bag Set which includes sodium bicarbonate, citric acid & soda crystals in reusable shaker bottles in a cute jute bag.

2 Shaker Bag Set with sodium bicarbonate and citric acid in reusable shaker bottles in a cute jute bag.

3 Spray Bag Set which includes a multi-surface cleaner, limescale remover and window & mirror cleaner in reusable mini-trigger spray bottles in a cute jute bag.

All you need for cleaning around the home and for use in the garden.

These products are compact, easy to store and use, are greener, simple and natural.

To purchase these products and to see what else we have visit http://www.wendygoesgreen.co.uk


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I am MD of an expanding green cleaning company - wendygoesgreen. I have researched, trialled and developed a cleaning product range based on reviving natural and traditional ingredients and have been successfully using them for my business for over threes years. I have two trade marks: Spray & Shine® and Shake & Shine® for my cleaning services. I am an Educator and trainer by profession having taught in schools before joining the RAF for 16 years. I love having my own Company and know it will be a success. Follow my story & progress!

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