High Growth Company – wendygoesgreen Aiming High

A quick update before the end of the month!

Developments have taken place since my last post. I have been asked to join a European Funded opportunity for high growth companies in Gloucestershire and attended the first seminar today. I have been ecstatic since being invited last Wednesday to join the scheme and have set about clarifying what I want to achieve from this business and how I might do that. There’s so much to know about, some of which I’ve delved into already but it highlights that I need to know and act on more than I am presently. Intellectual property IP, trade marking etc. Can I? Can’t I? so much to decide upon. And comparing myself to the other 4 companies that are on this training was a test. One which I passed. Well I was marking myself!!!!

So what will I be doing from now on? Thinking big.  I want this to happen for a number of reasons.  Security for my family. Although I wont be drawing much of a wage over the next few years. Everything will go back into the business as it is now. An ability to do good in the local community by creating jobs, making a difference to the environment and educating people. All very admirable but true. It feels like this is meant to happen and I can reach a reason why everything that has happened to me caused me to get to this point. The greatest achievement of my life.

And there have been earlier achievements like when I decided to pay to go on a parachuting course after my A levels at age 18. What was I trying to prove!  I didn’t reach free fall status but jumped out at least 11 times on a static line. I eventually achieved free fall status when I was in the RAF at age 28 and in total have done 30 parachute jumps. I even wanted to establish an all girls freefall RAF team at one point! It was, however, to impress a love interest at the time…  That bit didn’t work. How did I do my first free fall jump?  I went to a party at Weston-on-the-Green the military training jump site and admitted that I’d parachuted at age 18 and got challenged to do a tandem freefall for £150 the next day at 1000 hrs.  I agreed and woke the next morning in a sweat as I’d remembered what was meant to happen that day. It did happen. By 1030, I had been trained and was strapped to an instructor and had done my first tandem freefall from 12000ft.  I still have the video!  I soon enrolled on a free parachuting course and was one of two to complete freefall on the course. I have the pictures. It was a Friday afternoon and the wind had got up too high so the jump was off. The parachutes were lined up ready. We had to pack our own, but if we didn’t complete the first freefall  then we would have to do more successful static jumps. On, off, all afternoon then it was the green light situation and the jump took place. More were to follow the next week. Then it was back to work as normal.

So, do I have the nerve to parachute this emerging business into success?  Yes! It will be scary but what a feeling when it happens!!!!

Please keep following me as there’s more to come!